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Some preparations

In preparation for my travel to Antarctica, I am getting more active to be physically prepared for long days of work and whichever kind of field work I might do there (yay!). It was very convenient that a backpacking trip that I booked in the first week of August just happened last weekend – the trip was really fun and it was good practice to carry some weight and hike for 5.5 miles (~9 km). I have camped before, but never backpacked having to carry all my gear with me. I am now very confident that I can plan and enjoy a backpacking trip!

Having a great and diverse group of women made the whole experience even better, talking and getting to know all of them was very refreshing and made me very happy to realize that there are so many interesting and strong women out there. We hiked to Priest Lake in Idaho, which is a beautiful place, and looks even prettier in the morning with all the mist around the lake. Another great feeling was to be out of reach and therefore not checking my phone all the time.

Of course, one backpacking trip is not all my “more active” plan, but it was certainly a very enjoyable one - I am strength training again and have started skating.

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