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Python (but no flying circus)

The day started with Harriet giving a Python tutorial, unfortunately because of our internet restrictions we could not all download some of the modules needed, and she had to adapt her planned class a lot. She did a great job though. We finished in time for brunch (which is a big deal here). Some of us went for a quick walk to the hut point just to get some fresh air.

Ana was very nice and offered to take portraits of us with some of her left-over rolls of film, we got our yes burnt by the light, but we all smiled!

Today was bag drag day. We have to pack all our luggage today and our checked in luggage will not be back with us. Differently from when we flown here, we don’t have a boomerang bag, so we have to keep a few items in our carry-on bag with us in case the flights get cancelled/delayed. Bag drag is definitely a drag!

Some of us went for a glass of wine at the coffee house, and by the end of it there were quite a few of us there, and even Donal came for a drink. I had my first coffee at the coffee house, which had a much more decent milk than the one in the galley! We had a good time and I heard that one of our participants, Mridul, has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship! It’s great news!

There was some cleaning that still needs to be finished in our rooms, and some other people went to the lounge to finish what might be our last night in Antarctica. Just before going to sleep we got the news that our flight is scheduled for 3 pm, so we don't have to wake up too early to check the flight schedule, in case we were flying in the morning.

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