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Presentation day

Today is the day that we presented our projects, and the official end of the scientific part of the course. We ended up forming 4 groups working on different aspects of Antarctic Biology. The presentations went well and it was great to hear the ideas of the other groups. We have been working hard for more than two weeks and have had many limitations due to time constraints, not being able to go to the ice, and other unpredictable things. But in the end we all had data to present and ideas to discuss.

It is nice have the presentations done!

It was weird to have free time after such intense weeks! In the afternoon, I went for a short hike to Observation Hill and we could see some whales in the polynya from there. The weather was so nice and not windy at all, for a change. Later in the day we had the news that our flight that was meant to leave on Saturday 3rd will be delayed at least a day.

In the evening, we had the end of course party, and we also had a slide show with people’s photos. The party was very welcome and a nice end for the day. We got a party pack from the kitchen and to my surprise they have string cheese here! Although the bars are still not serving alcohol, our group managed to put together a good amount of wine and beers that we had all separately bought before prohibition.

Next, we have lab cleaning on Friday morning!

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