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Last day deep-south!

We woke in the morning to our flights being confirmed! Yay!

Some of us went for our last walk on the island! Kate, Virginie, Tess and I went towards the polynya on the Observatory Hill loop trek. It was very pretty and snowy. And we even got to see an emperor penguin on the left side! I was very excited to see a penguin on my last day, even though it was quite far away.

We got our last things in to our carry-on, put our ECW on for the flight and off we went to check-in. It gets very bittersweet when you know that you’re leaving for good and don’t know when you will be back to Antarctica.

The flight back was very smooth and I was so lucky that when I got to visit the cockpit we were just leaving the continent, and I got to see may icebergs and ice floes breaking!

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