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New year, great adventure!

Today is the last day of the year and the last day until I leave for my journey to Antarctica!

Tomorrow I will be taking the flight to San Francisco, then to Auckland in New Zealand (NZ) and then finally, Christchurch (NZ) where we will be for two days.

I will meet the whole group in Christchurch and we will leave there on the 5th of January. The unusual thing, at least for me, is that we are flying to Antarctica. It’s a military flight which will very cool, but not necessarily comfortable. Most of people that I know that have been to Antarctica took a boat (icebreaker) there. I even got the privilege of visiting the Australian icebreaker once (Aurora Australis) when I was in Tasmania, she is beautiful!

But getting back to my journey, tomorrow will be a very long day until I finally get to NZ. I will be crossing the International Date Line, so I will lose a day in the process! I have put in the map how long each flight is, but I will also have plenty of time in between flights!

That's how the whole trip looks like:

The leg from Pullman to Spokane (thanks Scott for driving) and the first flight of the day:

The second flight will get me to NZ, but not my final destination yet, I will take a third flight to Christchurch:

And finally after 2 days we will take our military flight to Antarctica:

That’s it, tomorrow is the day!



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