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Hey, hey, deployment day!

We were supposed to be deployed today! The plans were to check-in which includes putting most of your outdoor gear and stand on the scales holding all your carry-on. Managing the weight is one of the challenges of these flights, we have not only people with luggage for 1 month – 1 year in the ice, but also there is heavy scientific equipment that has to go with us too!

Our deployment time has changed two times yesterday, and today when we were all ready to go to the check-in we got the news that due to the weather our flight has been postponed again, to 1 am! And there is a chance that we won’t go until tomorrow anyway!

There is a lot of stress in not knowing what will happen! I went to our Clothing Distribution Center and packed all my bags anyway! I just brought my boomerang bag back with me. Having the camera gear, my computer and my check-in bag with me was a bit much, and I feel better now to not have to rearrange my luggage again!

It’s a rainy day in Christchurch and the only shoes that I left were my running shoes which are very wet right now :/. I wanted to go downtown to get some leggings (I didn’t bring any) but with the rain I might just stay in the hotel!

Drying my shoes on the hand dryer:

I use the extra time that I now have to work a little on my presentation, and to catch up with some blog writing and emails.

But not everything is bad news! I will have some extra time to talk to Pat, today is his birthday and we only had a quick chat in the morning! It will be nice to talk to him on skype.

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