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We finally left! We had an early morning with check-in at 6:30.

The whole process was way easier than I expected! The flight in the Hercules was quite nice. I was expecting horrible conditions and even the bathroom was fine!

Seeing the sea ice for the first time, when were about 2h away from the continent was very exciting! Some minutes later we were able to see part of the continent! It was a funny sight to see most of us lining up in front of the window to have a glimpse and take a photo.

Reading the Endurance on the flight was quite appropriate and I am glad I had it (thanks Joanna!).

We landed on the ice and it only felt real when we got out of the airplane to see this immense white landscape speckled with some black around. All of us were so excited and running around with grins on our faces and taking photos. We looked like a bunch of kids, not serious scientists!

We got to the base at around 5, and there was an induction followed by dinner, then another welcome talk from our course, then we collected our bags. Although we got here one day late, the schedule continued the same which meant the talks were still on for the Sunday (07/01).

I haven’t had a chance to see much yet, apart from our trip from the landing strip to here.

I was exhausted, but did some work on my presentation anyway and ended up sleeping half past midnight. It doesn’t feel like late at all, as the sun is still out and will continue that way until the middle of February!

That is one of the most impressive things so far, the sun! I don’t think I will ever get used to it!

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