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Today the weather started to change; I woke up to the first snow since we have been here! And while the temperature is only a little lower than the other days, with the wind it started to feel colder. The snow is not much but it did change a lot of the visibility. I guess today it looks more like what I expected from Antarctica.

We had a full day of training indoors. The support is very good, they have very experienced mountaineers as part of the search and rescue groups and they were the ones training us on the ice shelf edge safety and navigation. No one went to the ice in our course yet. The groups that were meant to go on the ice today were re scheduled because of the visibility. I will (hopefully) still go tomorrow morning, I can’t wait to be on the ice.

But I guess you can have an idea how plans have to be flexible around here, the weather can change and for safety reasons we have to change the plans.

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