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Projects, Pressure ridges and the Pub

Today was a great day! We got to discuss what is available for our research projects and start preparing some materials for the upcoming projects. The other half of the group went on the ice, just like we did the day before. I am very interested in the microbiology and physiological part of the projects; hopefully I will manage to tie these two interests together! We are being encouraged to work on areas that are out of our comfort zone, and I think the mix of microbio and physiology will be a good challenge for me, and it will also give me good tools for my own research when I get back home.

One of my favorite features of the ice are pressure ridges, they have this beautiful blue tinge to them and make for a very dramatic view! Scott base, which is New Zealand’s base and close by to McMurdo is in front of pressure ridges! They have an amazing view of it!

Apart from the intellectually stimulating part of the day, I got a break between lab and dinner that was long enough for a little walk. I didn’t go far, but it was good to give my head a little de-stress time! I climbed the Observatory Hill which is just next to the base! It was very windy going up, but not too cold. The views from there were great, but clouds closed in just before I got to the top! I will need to come back there some other time!

And we even had a little time to go to the pub (there are two to my knowledge), it was fun to have a beer in a pub in such a remote place!

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