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Arrival Heights and Prohibition

After a morning of lab work, incubating gut contents of amphipods and then filtering it for our control, our group visited the Arrival Heights area where there are many research projects happening. One of them is studying the Aurora.

There was a magnet from WSU creamery there! Someone here must love cougar gold!

The rest of the day was spent back in the lab. I’ve heard rumors that it was the last day that we would be able to buy alcoholic drinks in the base (including the bars), because the cargo ship is arriving soon. Unfortunately I was too tired to have energy to go to the bar, but I managed to buy a bottle of wine on my way to the dorm, and I will save it for a day when we are less tired.

Fun fact: there are 3 bars here! Not counting the one in the NZ base, where Americans can go on Thursday (America day).

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