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Lab day

Today was a very long day in the lab, resting metabolic rate measurements, dissecting and preparing to count bacterial cells and getting samples for DNA extraction. I did not take any photos :(. But it was nice to get a huge part of the work out of the way.

This morning we did not have a morning lecture for the first time, and it was nice to be able to sleep in for a little bit. I missed the breakfast at the galley (which finishes at 7:30) but it was worth it. I even had a luxury moment, when Ewa shared her last orange with us! It was delicious, and we haven’t had fresh food at the galley since we arrived!

After the long day of work in the lab we have heard that some people were in the lounge in the dorm, I joined them just for a little while, they were watching the Blue Planet documentary! I was very tired and did not stay for long!

Random thought: I haven’t seen a vascular plant in 20 days! It’s weird to think that this is probably the longest I have ever been without seeing a plant!

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