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Midnight sun

Today was even longer than yesterday, Tess and I left the lab after 12:20. But at least we got a chance to take a photo of the sun at midnight and Pat will be happy to see it! [edit I did!]

The flight to the ice edge finally left today, after a few days of cancelation. The sky was very clear and they had a great experience there! Hopes are back that we will make it to the ice edge!

I got photos of all the filters with bacterial cells of amphipods this afternoon, and it was nice to be in the microscope room listening to music and looking at cool bacteria for a while. The unexpected feeling that I often have here, is that I am always surrounded by people, which is great most of the time. But I got to realise that I miss having some time alone, and the microscope room has done the trick. I wonder if The Whitlams, Snow Patrol and Birds of Tokio realise that far South, in a very isolated part of the world, there is someone locked in a microscope room listening to their music in the dark while photographing microbes (and on Australia day). [I had to clear some space in my computer before I came here, and I only now noticed that I don’t have many songs on my computer, otherwise Metallica would obviously be in playlist too].

The cargo ship has arrived, and they launch rockets to tie the ship to the shore! lol

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